Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Summary

Since I am the queen of blog slack, I will just summarize the highlights of my week today:

-I went to the dentist for two fillings and didn't use any novocaine! This was after being inspired by a woman I work with who told me she doesn't even get pain reliever when she gets root canals! Don't think I'm too brave though; it didn't hurt at all. I guess it doesn't when the cavity isn't too deep. Plus, my deathly fear of needles sort of balances out the bravery aspect of the whole thing.

-I attended the first meeting of my middle school's Metal Club (the one I work in, not the one I actually went to. That would be weird). I can't decide if the other two members thought I was a total tool for being there, or if they enjoyed my insight and wisdom on the subject of heavy metal. I really hope it's the latter.

-I helped run the Dance Off booth at our school carnival. But we only got two entries, and one of the them happened to the members of the Metal Club who asked if they could put on Metallica. So that would suggest that they do enjoy my participation in their club, since why would they come to my booth and want to play music if they didn't think I'd like to hear it? Or maybe they don't even think of me at all considering I am their 33 year-old pregnant librarian? I just don't want to annoy them and overstep my boundaries. But, really, I do love talking about metal!

-Um, I can't remember anything else that happened. Matt and I are going to register for some baby stuff today, which I'm excited about because it's like shopping without buying anything! That was my favorite part about getting married: registering. Not being married, of course. No, that is a joy all in its own (no sarcasm! I swear! We've been married five years!)


Anonymous said...

hey... you are such an amazing writer, when's your next young adult book coming out?

Julie H said...

Thanks a lot! My next book will be out next fall (2009), and so will the paperback version of Get Well Soon.

Matthew Cordell said...

I love your blog! But not as much as I love you. Go see the blog post on my blog 10/1/08 to see what I'm talkin bout.

Esme Raji Codell said...

What a lucky baby to be en route to such a loving and talented family.

BTW, Esme is a very nice name for a boy or a girl. ;-)

XOXO, so proud of both of you...