Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I know I haven't been blogging. School has been crazy and being pregnant has been crazy, and I'm just trying to balance everything. I used to be better at balancing. And today I have a blood test, where they are testing for gestational diabetes, and I have to drink this crazy sugar juice and then wait and hour and then have my blood taken. Nightmare! I can't wait until it's over, but it won't be over for a while because I have to let my special protein breakfast digest and then I can drink the evil concoction and then wait. Ig. People who say that blood taking will get easier the more I do it are full of crap. You all have your phobias, and this one is mine. And it sucks. And it doesn't go away, no matter what I do (um, tried hypnosis, thank you very much), so it's more just finding ways to cope. I found a great blood taker who is so nice to me, and she'll be there today. I called to make sure.

In less bloody news, the audiobook of Get Well Soon is available for download at iTunes! That's pretty cool. I wonder when the actual hard copy of it will come out. I'm on my last revision of my next novel, btw. I just have to make some small changes, and then it goes to the copywriter! I think I will read it again, though, when I get that revision back. I just never know if my brain was a little off this summer due to the pregnancy. Can't hurt to comb it over. Am I even making any sense? I don't feel like it. Oh, glucose test, why must you torture me so?


A fan said...

You will once again be good at "balancing". Don't even consider it now, you're pregnant!

And for that phobia....focus on the end result, the beautiful little one you will be holding in your arms in a few short months.

and you know what, having that phobia will help make you a sensitive mom who will understand and be able to comfort the little one when they do blood tests on her. So relax, let the phobia be, it's part of who you are and will help you as a mom.

Giving any clues as to the name?

skyebird said...

whatever you do, DONT think of happy things. when i was getting my ears pierced, i started thinking about horses ( i was going to my first riding lesson after that) and all the sudden, BAMMMMMM it was like this piercing pain, and i jerked which made it hurt even more. i would try a little fung shui or medetation, maybe a little reading from an old book that youve already read- comfort books.