Friday, October 24, 2008

Eating, Driving, and Cathair Purses

I just ate so much food. I don’t get why delis have to give so much food. Really? I need a twenty-foot high sandwich and two thousand French fries and coleslaw. It’s kind of gross, but it’s so tasty that I am compelled to eat until I can’t stand it anymore. And I really can’t stand it anymore.

But what I CAN stand is Bravo’s hilarious new show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why do they call it the “Real Housewives?” I have always wondered that. I love Nene and her sass. I am not as fond of the blonde lady and her nasty boobs that are always hanging out of her shirt. What’s up with that?

In other randomness (that’s all I have in me these days), my commute has been getting longer and crazier. I don’t know why the roads are so backed up. Is it because gas is cheaper, and all of a sudden people are like, “Yay! I can drive and sit in my car for a really long, pointless amount of time?” My new thing is getting so disgusted by the backup that I try and find an alternate route and it ends up taking me way longer and is usually so stressful because I get lost. Today was the last straw (actually, yesterday was the straw, since it took me TWO HOURS to get home), when I got onto my normal route and it was the most backed up I have ever seen. So I turned around, tried another route, drove around for a half hour, and then just went home. I then left an hour and a half after I usually leave, and it took me a pleasant 35 minutes to get to work. Grumble grumble. The nicest thing was yesterday when I was going crazy on the road, I talked to Matt and asked if he would put up the Halloween decorations so that when I arrived home they would make me smile. And there they were, and yes I did! Speaking of Matt, you all must check out his blog for a hilarious story about his Southern stepmom and her cathair purse.

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