Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cake Love

First thing’s first: check out this fancy interview with my insanely talented husband, Matthew Cordell, at (Matt just finished illustrating Preller’s new picture book, Mighty Casey, out in March!). I like to read the answers he gives. Usually he doesn’t surprise me, but I was very surprised that he said his favorite dessert was cake. Because that’s my favorite dessert, and I’m much more of a dessert person that he. However, his fave cake is chocolate, whereas I prefer a yellow with buttercream frosting (or whip cream). Mmmmm. Cake. Strange that today my assistant went to a little bakery that we like to buy a piece of my favorite local cake, and they were out of it! The funny thing is that the cake in question was, gasp, County Fair Chocolate Cake! Yes, a chocolate cake. Which I would never just order, except in this instance because it’s SOOOOOO good. I can’t believe they were out of it. What if I really needed it? What if I was having a horrid day, and the only thing that would make me feel better is a piece of that delightful cake and they failed me?! FAILED me. I’m getting all worked up. If only I had a piece of cake to calm me down.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake rocks! You totally made me want some by that description. Go ahead, eat another piece! That little one will be doing kung-fu practice in there!


Julie H said...

You will be happy to know that I did get a piece of that cake today. My assistant called ahead and had them reserve two pieces of cake for us. Sweeeet.