Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Funny story. So you know I’m pregnant. 30 weeks pregnant, actually. See picture below to get the full effect (and love my fab maternity shirt). Another teacher at my school is now 4 months pregnant. She just told her students yesterday that she's pregnant, and they, in turn, asked her (in whispered voices, she tells me), “Is Ms. Halpern pregnant?” Um, really? Do they just not notice me, or are they just being cautious? And when she said yes, another student asked, “Is she married?” A student I know rather well, btw. These are 8th graders. 13 and 14 year-olds. Still so darn cute! But kind of oblivious.

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MH said...

Well, I have no idea if you will even get this since you will be so busy, and if you are going to... ok nevermind I might as well just say it, right?
Congratulations!!! Is Romy super cute??? I hope you and your baby are having lots of fun times together! :) Oh and with your husband too. Right.

(BTW If you are confused by the name, you are my librarian... hint hint...)