Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Bee

How many of you watched the Spelling Bee finale? I think it's funny that it's on ESPN up until the final night. I think it's great because it probably drives sports fans nuts. Or does it? The weird things about that, though, are that a) it's not a sport and b) it's all children, which isn't normally who competes on ESPN, right? (I am writing all of this as if I have ever seen a moment of ESPN. I have not.). Anywho, I didn't watch all two hours of the finals last night, but I did watch a good chunk of the end. It was fun, although the winner wasn't as charismatic as the second place guy. I have a student who was really into spelling, and I would have loved if she were on the show. I bet it's insanely fun to watch if you know someone on it.

In other news, I believe summer may finally be here. Our backyard is like Wild Kingdom, filled with squirrels and bunnies and birds. Sometimes I want to put my cat, Tobin, out there to see what he'd do, but he's strictly an indoor cat. I just can't risk him getting some outdoor disease or getting run over. I love him too much! My favorite part of the weekend is how Tobin settles next to my head while I sleep in, and we lean against each other. Ooh- that reminds me of some creepy dream I had this morning. I have had several dreams where I have been at some sort of camping or rustic getaway, which is something I am soooo not into. So then the dreams turn into something of a nightmare. The other night, I was battling some sort of weird weasel-type animal, and I was clamping his mouth shut so he couldn't bite me. What the heck does that mean?

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