Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love this!!!

I can not get enough of this guy from So You Think You Can Dance (my absolute favorite reality show, I have decided). I watched this guy last week, and then I saw that the rerun was on last night and had to watch it again AND called my mom so she would watch it. If you haven't seen him yet (or heard the crazy prefect music), check this out:


skyebird said...

that is so cool!! it was so freaky how he could bend his arm. by the way, ,have you ever read the gospel according to larry. Or have you ever heard of a site called the gospel according to larry? it is a really good true story.

skyebird said...

one more thing, u should write a zine on ho u and tobin met!!

TLH said...

Wow. This IS incredible. Don't watch the show but might now.