Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Get Excited. Sheesh.

I am watching the Price is Right Prime Time Million Dollar Spectacular, and there was just this obnoxious blond skank who got to play Plinko-- freakin' Plinko!-- and all she could do was make cool thumbs ups and look at her friends int he audience. What a waste! And it was magical million dollar Plinko, which means you could win $20,000 on every turn. How could she not freak out? How could they choose such a snotty dud? I would have been way more entertaining and hilarious. Sad. But I'm like that. My students and I have been playing the new version of the Life board game, where they have a special credit card machine and some crazy lottery games, and we were SCREAMING today because I won $198,000 in the Life game lottery. To each his own, I suppose.

And shall we talk about Idol? I can barely say anything except that everyone sugged big time last night. Horrid. I wish I didn't have to watch. Yeah, I have to. I can't wait until So You Think You Can Dance starts, though. I love watching dancers. Except on that newish Bravo show, Step It Up and Dance. The dancing is quite mediocre. Not that I could do better, but the challenges are nothing compared to the complex and perfected performances of So You Think.

I think I'm all rambly now because I hadn't blogged in so long. And I keep thinking about my awesome dinner tonight-- a homemade baked macaroni and cheese. I'd kind of like some more.

For pictures from the NAMI awards (did I forget to talk about Elizabeth Swados, who presented my award? She was AMAZING. She said such beautiful things about Get Well Soon. Matt videotaped it and wanted to watch it the other day, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Still too traumatized by having to give a speech.

Dang-- the skank made it to the Showcase Showdown. Grrr...

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skyebird said...

i think that they are making to many Idols!!! I dont like them, i mean you go on and get embarressed. there are better things to do then that. what is the price is right??