Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday! A Night of Excitement!

Wednesday night has the greatest TV! It's so exciting that I could barely fall asleep. First there was the double shot of my two favorite new shows: So You Think You Can Dance AND Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular! I had to flip at every commercial (I stayed mostly on the dance show, until we got to the Showcase Showdown). This week's SYTYCD wasn't as good as last week's (although there is another ep. on tonight, so I could be surprised), but TPIS was so great! One guy got $1.00 on the big wheel and then another $.15, which is in the green zone, so he won mega money! Truthfully, I can't remember how much. I know they give a lot more money in thbe evening edition (which is why it's so much more entertaining. And why Family Feud is so underwhelmeing: an entire family of five only wins $20,000. What's that after taxes?). Then, in the Showcase Showdown, both showcases had cars (one had TWO cars)! I bid on one of the showcases (in my mind) for $70,000, and then the guy bid the exact same amount. It was a thrill. However, not as thrilling as wehn the other guy guessed within $500 of the retail price of his showcase, so he won his showcase, the other guy's showcase, and ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!! It was so thrilling I jumped up and down in my bed. Did I mention I have also been wtaching American Gladiators? I have recently turned into one classy broad.

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