Thursday, February 07, 2013


Last night I went for my first time to a bingo game at an American Legion hall. I have always wanted to go, as I am somewhat of a board game fiend. Sadly, no one else in my house is (as of yet). Maybe I will share my odd collection of games on the blog, including WAY too many versions of Clue. (I also own several versions of "Clue: The Movie", including the VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray.) Thankfully, my friend Emily seemed as enthusiastic as me about going to a bingo game, so we met on a snowy evening and tried our luck.

At first, I was on edge. My heart was beating SO HARD. I feared missing a number, or thinking I had bingo and then not having the right numbers. People were hardcore! I had no idea there were so many products made specifically for bingo players. Like the bingo chips surrounded by a little metal circle that you can then use a wand to easily clear your board after you lose!

And look at all of these cute daubers [sometimes called "dabber"]options:

I brought my daughter's Do-a-Dot thingies, and they worked perfectly. I felt so clever, but not as clever as the people who brought seat cushions! And I had no idea about the culture of bingo and good luck trolls. Maybe that's why Emily and I didn't win a single game. Big bucks were at stake, too. The final game, a coverall, was worth $500!

As the evening wore on, I realized I probably wouldn't win against a person with a table full of cards versus my measly six. And even though we didn't end up winning a cent, I will totally go again. Not every single week, as some people do. Although, I must say, their 75 cent popcorn and snacks are already calling to me. I wonder what Emily's doing next Wednesday night...


Aurora Smith said...

Seat cushions!!!

Teenage Librarian said...

I love me some bingo! I can sometimes drag my mom with me to go play but more often than not I'm alone (and usually the youngest there at 26).

Do you remember that episode of Roseanne where all the girls (Roseanne, Crystal, Jackie, and... I can't remember her name) all go to Bingo? And Roseanne teases the lady next to her (who was played by the actress who played the secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off) because she has all her lucky trolls and lights and things lined up? And then by the end of the episode Roseanne has turned into her!? It's my goal to become a lady like that.


Julie H said...

Aurora, I'm thinking of grabbing a cushion off my couch next time. And TL, I totally forgot about that episode of Roseanne! I am going to have to find it again, although not before bedtime. I might get too jazzed and not sleep again.

Ronni Selzer said...

I used to go to BINGO all the time! Look how cute the daubers are now!! :) I'm guessing, with the new anti-smoking laws, that the BINGO halls aren't as smoky as they were back in my day.