Monday, February 11, 2013


 There is no way in hell that this bra is as bra-tastic as they claim. Wait. What exactly does it mean to be bra-tastic? I don't think I would like to be called "bra-tastic." And what bra isn't bra-tastic? If I had all the money in the world to spend on really cheap bras advertised in Sunday newspapers, I would have to buy one of these and test it out. There is no way those cups could do what they claim. I don't know how well the picture comes through (you can click on it to see a larger version), but my favorite part of the ad may be what the Bra-Tastic claims regular bras do to your boobs, particuarly the first picture of the majorly lopsided boobs. What bra does that? And, if it did, just flop 'em around until they align.

If the promise of being bra-tastic weren't enough, you receive a free gift with every order! I can only imagine what it may be, but I'm thinking it's something with a clever name like, "Nip-Tastic." Just a guess.

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Eve Ramos said...

The material is not as magical as portrayed in the infomercials. Of course. These are sports bras. Still they can be expensive so it's not a complete wash. Just don't get jazzed up that this will be the "bestest~bra~EVER"... It's fine but not that TASTIC. Buy it if you want a thin sport bra. The material is light more of a thick stocking material but not as thick as most sports bras I have encountered.