Monday, February 25, 2013


My plan was to blog every day this week. I don't know why. Just to try something I haven't tried in a while. And here I am blogging. But it won't be good. Instead of the time I thought I would use to blog about speech writing (since I have to write an acceptaqnce speech for the South Carolina Association of School Librarians Young Adult Book Award that my novel, Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, will be receiving next week. Or am I receiving the award? Mwah.), timely coming after the Oscars (mwah?), I had to start work on our taxes. Being self-employed, or a business, or whatever it is we are takes a whole lot of extra, tax-y work. And then we have to take all of the tax-y work I have done to an accountant and pay more money to have more tax-y things done with the numbers. (SEE. I told you this post wouldn't be good.)

And I still haven't finished writing my speech. Maybe if I mention taxes and say something about watching Supernatural while on the treadmill, I will win over the crowd. Win them over with SLEEP INDUCTION. Come to think of it, I wish someone would win me over with sleep induction. The more I say that, the more it makes absolutely no sense. Oh, this speech has potential FAIL written all over it. At least I have a cute dress to wear.

Geez. This post reads like I haven't talked to more than a four year-old and some Sims in months.

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