Friday, January 18, 2013

what's in a name?

I totally didn't capitalize the title of this post because I was blanking on which words to capitalize. In fact, I don't even know if capitalize is spelled correctly. Where did my brain go? Which is a take on one of my daughter's favorite games, Where Did My Hand Go?

Book #5 is back in the hands of my beloved editor. There was a funny period, though, where I could not, for the life of me, name the main love interest. There were many things complicating the matter, but picking a name for anyone is hard. People will complain about anything these days, and I know there was a whole thing a while back (or maybe it's still going on) where people were bitching about the weird names in books. Like, why can't characters just have normal names? My answer to that is: because when you get to write a book, you get to name people that aren't real so you might as well be silly about it. I think Stephenie Meyer did a bang up job with some of her character names. I don't mean Edward and Jacob (perfectly nice, normal names), but Emmett and Jasper. I love those names! In fact, I met a manatee at Epcot Center that was also named Jasper! Who came first?

I finally settled on the main dude's name: Leo. That was a suggestion from my editor. We had a funny name discussion, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But I'm not asking for your opinion on the name. I learned about that when it came time for me to name my daughter. Other pregnant people told me they wouldn't share their baby names before their kids were born, mostly because people were so judgmental that they ruined the joy of the name. I figured out, once I knew we were naming the kiddo Romy, that if I told people, "Her name is Romy," instead of "We are going to name her Romy," there was nothing they could say. You can't tell someone they have a stupid name once they already have it. Not that Romy is, or ever was, a stupid name. I stand by it being the greatest name EVA. And I like Leo a lot, too. I just hope it fits the character. I guess that's one of the differences between naming a baby (or even a pet) and a character: the baby has yet to become that name, while the character has already been written and, thus, needs to fit the name.

Next up: the title of the book. I'm thinking of going with "Jasper the Fun-Loving Manatee." What do you think?

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Ronni said...

I have not written books I've had ideas about for YEARS because I've had such a hard time picking a name. So I know exactly what you mean.