Friday, January 11, 2013

The Faves

I have started a million blog posts and never finished them. Since I stopped blogging regularly, it's been really hard to get back into it. Kind of like exercising. So I'm going to ease back in with some of my favorite things as of late. Mind you, it's nothing classy. I don't have time for classy. Between rewrites of my next novel (a tough one that has taken me forever to finish. I mean, is STILL taking me forever to finish) and the poorly paying job of MOM, I pretty much wear the same pair of jeans everyday. Here are the few pieces of "culture" I have managed to fit in:

Supernatural - I have been looking for a show to fit the Buffy-shaped hole in my life since it went off the air. Battlestar Galactica more than filled that last year, in the high quality, amazing writing, acting, and stories department. Sniff. In my parallel life where I get to re-watch TV shows, I'm watching Battlestar Galactica right now. But BSG was pretty intense. So intense, actually, that as the show was nearing its final episodes I had to stop watching. I just couldn't let it end. It was somewhat pathetic. [Side note: the reason I started watching BSG was because of a Portlandia episode where the characters started watching BSG and couldn't stop watching. Then they found someone who they thought was the show's creator to write more episodes. Insanely hilarious.] Supernatural is not quite the caliber of writing and storytelling, but it's rather adorable. I like the hilarious brother antics, and of course the otherworldly big bads. I am only on Season 4, so if you happen to comment about the show, NO SPOILERS. Um, also, I bought a Supernatural calendar.

Ke$ha "Warrior" - You know I love Ke$ha. I hope I always do. I hope she continues to make music that makes me happy, semi-embarrassed, want to dance, and reminds me of my hilarious college self forever.

Buffy: The Making of a Slayer - Dang, I love Buffy. This book has all sorts of background skinny on the show. It came in a silly book box, which now houses a variety of my daughter's toys. And the book is a little too heavy to read it bed. Or carry around in my purse. Still mega awesome.

I realize that's only three favorites, but I'm going to start there. It's like a brisk walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes. Or maybe a saunter and just for ten. Whatever. It's a start. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get on my actual treadmill and watch the Winchester boys.


Ronni said...

Keisha's new CD is AMAZING. I was listening to it the other night and I must have had a crazy look on my face b/c Adam commented on it. I was just loving it!

Julie H said...

She is amaze-balls. Truly.