Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Murder is My Business

Over the weekend, my friend Katie and I attended an 80s themed murder mystery. This was not our first murder mystery together, and obviously all the practice paid off. Not only did we win Best Dressed for our costumes (more on that in a second), but we also won Detectives of the Night for guessing the murderer and having the best explanation! Here's a picture of the two of us with our awards, along with one of the stars of the show:
And here is me interrogating one of the suspects, known as Skull:
Doesn't he look intimidated by my probing mind?

So how did we win Best Dressed? Katie had on some great eye makeup and a funky fresh outfit. Me? I don't know if I deserved the win. I found a pair of sunglasses that I guess were reminiscent of Tom Cruise in "Risky Business," and my t-shirt was a hideous horror convention shirt that I couldn't put on until I left my house so I wouldn't scare my daughter. On top of that was the kicker: my genuine, hideous, jean jacket from 1988. It was that light blue color that only existed in the 80s (I hope), along with contrasting, striped cuffs and collar. Eeeewww. On it I had stitched a U2 patch, and on the back was a gigantic British flag. And the jacket was HUGE. Every time I looked in the mirror at the murder, I had to ask myself if I was ever that large or if we just dressed in really big clothes in the 80s. I am hoping for the latter.


Kimber Leszczuk. said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun!!! I love going to the murder mystery dinner theater we have nearby in Columbus, Ohio - they are a blast and involve the audience too. Once they took my husband's photo and put him on a WANTED poster - it was hilarious! Good times!

Julie H said...

Wouldn't it be fun to do a tour of murder mysteries throughout the country?!