Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weekend Nerdery

I guess I've been too busy momming it up to realize the power of nerdy awesomeness this upcoming weekend will bring. Saturday, the hubs, kiddo, and I will attend C2E2, a newer comic book convention in Chicago. Romy will wear her new Spiderman costume, this one with open eye holes (her other one has mesh eyes, which I thought would be asking for accidents and headaches) plus massive muscles. I will wear one nerdy shirt or another, depending on my mood for the day (Buffy, D&D, The Guild? So many choices!). The grandest moment will surely be when we meet David Newell, aka Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers. And my longest-standing movie crush, Noah Hathaway, will be there (I waited 36 years to meet him last summer, and now here he is again?). Let us relive the glorious moments of our original meeting (How many times must we relive this, Julie? As many as it takes before I stop laughing at the brilliance of it all!)
Other random guests at C2E2? John Cusack, Sean Astin, and Val Kilmer! Will I meet any of those guys? No. Unless John Cusack and I run into each other, and he's all, "Hey, weren't you an extra in High Fidelity?" And I'm all, "Yeah." Yeah. Although, I don't know if I'll be able to resist whispering "Chester Copperpot" to Sean Astin.

The other nerdly event this weekend will be my third (fourth?) professional murder mystery event. "Professional," as opposed to the kind you can play at your house from a box (also completely awesome and worthy of everyone's time). This one has a 1980s theme which should be easy but is proving to be very difficult in the costume department. I may have to visit a thrift store. Why couldn't I have just saved all my clothes from my childhood? I am thinking I will go with little gym shorts (because my legs are SO awesome), a kitschy t-shirt, tube socks, and a side ponytail? Poo. I don't know. If only I could commit as fully as this guy from my last murder mystery:

I should note that he was at a non-themed murder mystery I was at. Brilliant.

And let's not forget the Titanic miniseries AND Game of Thrones. Yowza! What a weekend! I better go power up with some snickerdoodles.

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Unknown said...

Dear Julie...
As a huge lover of nerdery as well..i wish i was going to c2e2 to meet josh gates from destination truth. i would whisper "chupacabra" to him. Can i come over to watch GoT?