Monday, June 09, 2008

You Don't Got It, Dude

Someone said something very weird today at work. As of now, I am in a classroom on the top floor of the school because the library has been closed for construction. The room has turned into a bizarre "The Office" scenario, in my opinion. Today we were looking at a People Magazine with Jodie Sweetin on the cover-- you may recognize her as Stephanie from "Full House." That's all I recognize her from, if I even recognize her at all. Anyway, this guy, he's twenty-two and just working until the end of the school year as a technology associate, says, "What red-blooded American boy didn't have a crush on Stephanie Tanner?" Both me and my assistant gave incredulous "Huh?"s to him because this had to be a joke. Stephanie Tanner, the middle child with the jacked-up teeth? No redeeming or even interesting character qualities? We were shocked. But this guy was not kidding. So, I ask you, America, was he right? Being in a small space with a group of people sure teaches me some weird and frightening things.


-Kaleb Nation- said...

me! me!
i remember watching Full House at my grandparent's when I was little. of course I remember Jodie Sweetin. She was the funniest. How can you *not* remember Stephanie Tanner? What about *How rude!* :p
months ago i found the old episodes on youtube and went through stacks of them. it's like stepping back in time. growing up in the 90's and then watching Full House makes you reminisce :D

Julie H said...

I truly am in shock, Kaleb. Perhaps it's a generational thing? Really? Still in shock. Huh.

Marie said...

I remember watching this show when I was little. I am suprised that you did not recognize her.