Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Jonesing

I saw the new Indiana Jones flick this weekend. I was not blown away, but I guess I didn't expect to be. I always liked the movies, Temple of Doom in particular, but I think I've been over them for about twenty years. The movie was fun, although not as fun as the National Treasure movies (not that I use them as a comparison for all movies, but I really did enjoy my movie going experience with the last National Treasure. Plus, they both have that funny/mystery/adventure thing going). My mom agreed. Matt seemed to like the movie and didn't want to say anything bad about it. Sometimes I think he gets mad at me for being critical of movies, even when I'm not being that critical.

I ate some pretzels this morning, and the pretzel bag won't stop making crinkling noises on the counter. It's kind of freaking me out. Like what if a mouse or giant bug crept into the bag and now it's trapped by a Chip Clip? You know what I'm really supposed to be doing right now? Revising my novel. But I'm afraid of it! It's been so long! What if I can't do it? What if I choke, like Brenda did on 90210 last night while auditioning as Maggie the Cat for hotshot director, Roy Robertson? Now how would Brenda deal with this...

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skyebird said...

well, you wont find out if you never try, and then all of the worrying will be behind you