Saturday, June 07, 2008


Did you know that stands for "Have a great summer?" That's the new yearbook lingo. We had yearbook day at work yesterday. I always love to get autographs and sign student yearbooks. It's usually only the students who care about the library who ask me for autographs, so then I have to write meaningful or funny things in everyones yearbooks. It's somewhat difficult, but I was on a roll. Here are some of the adorable/bizarre/insanely sweet things kids wrote in my yearbook:

"Thanks for being the coolest librarian ever!"

"The RC [Resource Center= The Library]is HEAVEN...but...with more...paper."

"You are a great librarian and person."

"I love books."

"D&D 4ever."

My favorite because it was total crap (he told me he wrote this in everyones yearbook):
"No words can describe our friendship." That from an eighth grade boy. Hilarious!

HAGS, everyone!

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