Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As I was reading an article about Stephen King in the weekend paper, I thought about when people asked me for "favorites" in interviews (his wasn't a list of favorites, but book recommendations, but still). I even have a whole favorites page on my website (which has not been updated in years, and takes a lot of effort because there is only one computer in the house with the random, old software that Matt and I use to update our websites and I know I need to add things but I have too many things I'm already going crazy about since the baby will be here within a month). But the whole idea of favorites, while I love it, doesn't quite work for me anymore. I mean, not that I don't believe favorites exist, but how long should something remain a "favorite?" For instance, on my list of favorite bands, Guided by Voices is always named. However, it's not as though I sit around and listen to them anymore. In fact, I don't know if I have for years. Some things just don't seem to fit into my life the way they used to when I wasn't a parent. Like the millions of horror movies I used to watch. Matt isn't so into them, but occasionally I can throw one on if they're the more intellectual type. But back in the day, horror movies were my thing. (You can feel my love for horror movies in The F-It List, now with a picture on Amazon!) Back to the interview thing. If someone were to ask me, say, my favorite writers, I don't know how I'd answer. All I do is read picture books to Romy and finish an adult non-fiction book every four months. So do I hearken back to my all-time favorites? List the people I used to name as favorites but haven't read for years?

I'm going to go through my Favorites page on my website and see how true it still is.
Cereals - Can't complain. I still enjoy a bowl of Life Cereal and Cookie Crisp.
Candies - You realize I can't eat ANY of this shit right now because of the gestational diabetes. Fug. I would take off the Kinder Bueno. I think those were a passing phase. I would add Jaffas (orange and chocolate from Australia) and Brach's Jube Jel hearts.
Chips - Doritos don't wow me as they used to, unless I'm on a road trip and eating PB&J. I don't think I have a favorite chip anymore. Is that sad?
Foods - What a weird list. Again, with the diabetes and pregnancy in general, my diet is so fudged it's hard to really know what my favorite foods are. A good egg bagel should be on that list, though.
TV Shows - Battlestar Galactica needs to be added, fo sho. And Treme (with an accent that I can't provide).
Games - Hmmm. So many games to choose from! I do love games. Should I have put Dungeons and Dragons on there? But is that really a game or a way of life?
Books - Actually, that's a really good list. It's an "Of All Time" list, which I can dig. Phew!
Movies - Great list, Julie! Thanks, Julie. I'm so glad I included the "Before" movies. Man, I am going to blog soon about how I can't wait to see the third one.

I am actually rather pleased with myself for my Favorites page. I guess I was smart in not including music on the list and not including any passing phases (except for that candy). You will probably see the above-mentioned changes sometime in the year 2017.


Betsy said...

Favorites are so hard. Everything is my favorite. I always think I have a favorite then someone mentions something else and it's like, oh right, that is my real favorite.

I feel for you and your gestational diabetes. I LOVE gum. I love gum like an addict drugs. LOOOOVE! But, I seem to have suddenly developed an intolerance to artificial sweeteners. So basically, I cannot have gum anymore. There are literally like 4 kinds that are made with real sugar (and sorry, teaberry just isn't going to cut it).

Original Bubble Yum is made with sugar so occasionally I get a pack of that, but since I'm an addict I will chew all 15 pieces in about 45 minutes. And then I'm off the wagon and living only for my next Bubble Yum score.

Whatever your favorite candy happens to be at the time, I hope you have a big bag of it waiting for when you are able to enjoy it again!

Anxiously awaiting The F-It List!!

Julie H said...

I haven't chewed ANY gum since my diagnosis! Actually, most of this pregnancy. And I used to chew a billion pieces of Dessert Delight gum every day. I suppose an intolerance to artificial sweeteners is better than to real ones, but I bet you do have to be really careful. What about Bazooka? Then you get a comic and a fortune!

Ronni Selzer said...

Doritos and PB&J is an excellent combo. Yum.