Monday, October 01, 2012

Sign Here

I had a wonderful time at the Anderson's Young Adult Literature Conference on Saturday. It's always fun to be on a panel with authors I've never met and to be inspired by what other authors have to say. Also, the hotel had really good cookies. And check this out:
Have a Nice Day was for sale at the conference! A total surprise, since its release date isn't until October 16. This is me signing my very first copy! Thank you to Amy Pine, who not only bought the first copy and had me sign it but just happens to already be in the acknowledgements for helping me out with high school teacher stuff.

The funny thing about signing books is that it has a bit of that signing yearbooks element for me. What the heck am I supposed to write? I used to feel the pressure to write something special in each book I signed, but I choked whenever I did that and ended up writing something really stupid like, "Have a fucking headbanging summer. Do bongs." [Note that I have never written that in a book, but Abe Betancourt actually signed my eighth grade yearbook with that sentiment, then promptly threw my brand new green pen out the bus window.] When handed Have a Nice Day, I didn't know what to do or say. After about five books, I found something semi-cute. But I still have to think about it. I have the Sheboygan Children's Book Festival coming up in a couple weeks, so I have to get ready. Something short, sweet, with a little laugh to it. Now where's that green pen?

*It's Banned Books Week! I'll be writing more about it throughout the week, but here's a thoughtful review of my own banned book, Get Well Soon, from the blog Girl to the Rescue to get you started.

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Nicki Mann said...

Sweet, you're an author of YA books? I have a Young Adult book blog (in addition to my regular blog, because I kind of like to read YA literature but didn't want people to mock me for it on my regular blog.) I also wrote a few books too... but haven't been successful enough to go to a book signing!!! Congrats!