Thursday, October 11, 2012

See You in Sheboygan!

This weekend the Halpern/Cordell family will be appearing at the 3rd Annual Sheboygan Children's Book Festival. I'm excited! I've never been to Sheboygan, although I had a great friend in college from there. Her name was Kari Fisher. I think it may have been spelled differently, and it was definitely spelled differently than the actress. I wonder where she is now. Anywho, I'm doing author stuff all day Saturday, and Matt is doing author/illustrator stuff all day Sunday. It looks like a wonderful event with lots of other great authors and illustrators to ogle. The website has the full program guide, but if you want to see me here's where I'll be:

12:30, Saturday, October 13
Mitch Teich Talks with Five Authors of Novels for Children and Young Adults
Fictional families come in as many different shapes and sizes as real families. How and why do authors create the families they do for their characters?  Join Sarah Weeks (So B. It), Ilsa J. Bick (Ashes), Jacqueline Houtman (The Reinvention of Edison Thomas), Lisa Albert (Mercy Lily), and Julie Halpern (Have a Nice Day) in a conversation with Mitch Teich about family dynamics in novels for children and teens.

I'm really excited for this panel with a stellar crew of authors. I am also excited that it takes place at the Kohler Arts Center because the word on the street is they have crazy bathrooms!

At 1:30, I will be signing copies of all of my books (including the almost out HAVE A NICE DAY!!!) along with the other authors on the panel at the Kohler Arts Center. I'm guessing not in one of the bathrooms. Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures.

I don't know how far away my next event is, but I'll have to scoot over to the Mead Public Library for my presentation at 2:30:
It's Your Parents' Fault with Julie Halpern
That title is a million times more hilarious due to the fact that is says, "with Julie Halpern." Like it's a TV show, and I'm the host. Here's the description:
YA Author Julie Halpern (Get Well Soon, Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, Have a Nice Day) talks about how all of the trauma of coming-of-age can turn into funny, realistic fiction.

I'll have another signing at 4:30 at the Mead Library alongside Ilsa J. Bick, Edward Hemingway, and James Kennedy. Maybe I can interview them for my TV show! Head over to husband Matt's blog to get his Sunday schedule. We hope to see a bunch of you in Sheboygan!


Anonymous said...

Crazy bathrooms, huh? Should be an interesting day. See you then!

Julie H said...

Looking forward to it!