Friday, June 15, 2012

The ALA Shoe Conundrum

Every year when I attend a conference, I have shoe anxiety. I have blogged about it numerous times, and usually it has to do with fashion versus function. But now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I think I care a little less about all this. Plus, I found a pair of gym shoes I totally love, which I'll get to in a minute. I have told you about these shoes,
which are great and bright and I still run in, but I find that they are a little bulky for my summer styles. I prefer the look of Converse All-Stars or Vans without socks with my shorts, but who am I kidding? A 37 year-old with any real sense can't wear shoes like that anymore. The fact is, and maybe it's because I run, my hips can't take such flat shoes. I actually recently threw out my favorite pair of florescent pink Chucks (the ones featured in my original GET WELL SOON promo video:

Huge mistake, I know! But my hips hurt so badly after I wore them, I had to do it before I wore them again). I just discovered these babies, and I'm in love:

They are less bulky than a traditional running shoe, and they claim to be "barefoot running shoes," like, I guess there's a movement of running barefoot. I can't imagine running in these shoes, as comfortable as they seem. I still like a little bounce. I do, however, love wearing them without socks (for no reason other than I am too lazy to put on socks). One warning: they have some sort of magic power that supposedly makes them not smell, and the shoes themselves do not, but when my feet come out of the shoes after a day of wearing them, let's just say they aren't as fresh as when I do wear socks. And I'm not usually a smelly foot person. I don't think. Someone else would have to verify that fact. Who's down?

Hopefully I'll see some of you at ALA in Anaheim next week while I am wearing my stinky shoes! I'll be signing ARCs of HAVE A NICE DAY, the highly anticipated (hee hee) sequel to GET WELL SOON, along with my other books, on Friday, June 22 from 6:30 - 7:00 at the MacKids Booth #2534-2535. I'll have postcards and HAVE A NICE DAY buttons! I'll also be at the YALSA Coffee Klatch on Sunday morning. Always a fun, frenetic time! And the rest of the time I'll pretend I'm doing authorly things while I'm actually waiting in line for the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland.

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Betsy said...

I wish I was going to ALA. Sadness. I am interested to try barefoot running shoes. They are supposed to be great. I also tend to have shoe anxiety when I travel and usually end up taking one entire suitcase full of them.