Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Buttons are Here!

I bet you didn't even know there were buttons! I always get this last minute panic before a conference that I need something cool to give out to get the buzz going on my books. So, like I did with my first two books (I guess I flubbed it on the last one), I had buttons made. I love these little buttons. I suppose you can tell that from looking at my website. Although, truthfully, I don't wear a lot of buttons myself. Whenever I have them on my coats I end up sticking myself and then losing them. But you don't have to! So, here is a sneak peak at the brand spanking new HAVE A NICE DAY buttons!

And here's a close-up.
It's on my cat's back. I think his fur is more in focus than the button.

Would you like one of these buttons, but you won't be at ALA? Email me at Soon I'll post info on how you can get your very own buttons (I have to go to the post office and see how many stamps they want. They're weird with a bumpy envelope). Now to clean up my floor.

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