Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forgive Me: A Contest

Sorry for the lack of bloggage lately. We've been out a babysitter for a while, and it seems like every time my daughter is supposed to have school there's either a day off or she's sick. Plus, I keep forgetting what I want to blog about, although there is a hilarious pants post that should be coming your way this spring. Anywho, there's a big box of books sitting in our front hall (there's ALWAYS a big box of books in our front hall), this time containing Matt's newest illustrator gig for Gail Carson Levine's genius of a poetry book Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It.

With at least one starred review (I can't keep track of Matt's starred reviews anymore, and we still have four more books to go this year! But keep the stars coming!) and recommendations from teachers galore as a great book to use in the classroom, this book is a winner. It also has seen reviews in some hoity-toity grown-up publications:
The New York Times
The Atlantic
Wall Street Journal
Egads! I'm running out of time on this post. Ice skating class! Why does it take so long to write one paragraph? So here's the way to win an illustrator-signed copy (which is very cool because Matt always draws a picture):
Comment on this post with your name, email address, and the name of your favorite poet. If you have one. I would be lying if I said I did. I am not well-versed in the world of verse. I'm classy that way. I would not question if you made up a hilarious poet name for your entry. In fact, I would welcome it. Contest is open to U.S. residents only because I am cheap and can't make it to the post office during normal business hours. You have until the end of the day next Wednesday, March 21. I will draw a name at random and send an email to the winner. Which is why I need your email address. Good luck!


Teenage Librarian said...

I love that your husband is an illustrator. You're like a super duper awesome cute author/illustrator couple. :)

And I thought me and my guybrarian boyfriend were cute lol...

So. I'm Courtney

teenagelibrarian at gmail dot com

and my favorite poet? Can I say Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein? Because those dudes came up with some very clever stuff that I still recite today. :)

Margaret said...

ooooh I hope it's me! My favorite poet is... dang... I've got a top five list that shuffles around a bit, but mostly William Carlos Williams, which is appropriate considering the prize... I'm also a fan of Yeats and Poe (I tend toward the dramatic, obviously).

My email address is mamaosako at gee mayle dot com.

Bronwen said...

Oh pick me! Pick me! I used to work with Matt and he was ALWAYS drawing on anything he could get his hands on. I remember that so well.
My e-mail is
Fave poet: too many to pick just one. Does Shel Silverstein count?

Joy C said...

I read a poem-a-day from Moon Have You Met My Mother? by Karla Kuskin. She makes me smile unfailingly, so she's an all-time-favorite. I always look forward to new favorites, too!

Karen the librarian said...

Hello dear author/ illustrator type friends, pick my name for a free book, times are hard in my library....favorite poet is Leis Carroll, 'Twas brillig and the slithy toves.

Karen Grost

April Joy Durham said...

I love Matt's work! And yours! Matt was my safety patrol pal in fifth grade.
Name: April Poole Durham
Favorite poet: WOW. All-time best-all-round favorite= Pablo Neruda. All-time humorous poet= Ogden Nash

Thanks for the contest!

Teenage Librarian said...

Oh by the way I just noticed PeeWee in the picture and it totally freaked me out. I'm not sure where my insane fear of PeeWee came from, but yea....


Julie Sternberg said...

I'm Julie Sternberg and very proud to have written a book illustrated by Matt. Email is Favorite poet is hard! Langston Hughes, maybe?