Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LitWorks This Saturday!

This Saturday I'll be speaking at LitWorks 2012: A Teen READ Workshop in Harwood Heights, IL. Here's the website and here's the schedule for the day. All are welcome! Events like this always make me nervous about one thing: what to wear? I am never formal (I suppose I would be at a formal event, but I don't know if I've ever attended an officially "formal" event. Does my wedding count?), and I usually end up in what makes me comfortable (jeans). But there is always the concern that it will be too warm, and who wants to watch an author with big sweat circles? I'm considering rush ordering this hotttt outfit (in Rose, naturally):

And these sizzling shoes to match (the ones with the jazzy details):

The other authors at the event are super awesome: Ann Angel, Carl Deuker, Ellen Hopkins, Ron Koertge, and Raina Telgemeier. I'm supposed to have dinner with the lot on Friday night. Well, they'll be having dinner. Since it's scheduled for 8:00 pm, I'll just watch. I can't eat that late; I have bad night reflux. Do you think telling them that will make a cool first impression?


Betsy said...

I have to wonder if the top to the outfit counts as more formal considering the fact that it has a shirred yoke.

Missy said...

First I want to say I’m a big fan of these darling pants and outfits you find and those shoes, wow! Second, I’m kinda peeved cuz about two years ago I moved away from the wonderful Chicagoland and to Cincinnati, OH cuz dude I lived on the Nortthwest side of the city and was always up near where you’re doing the LitWorks (in high school I would always go to the H.I.P, which was a long time ago)! I know where that is! So that stinks, I can’t go! Bargh! Maybe next year I’ll have to make a special drive up there! Sorry for the long comment!