Monday, March 05, 2012

Have a Nice Day ARC Swap

So, I have two Chicago blog reader-friends who have started a Have a Nice Day ARC tree (that means that the sequel to Get Well Soon, Have a Nice Day, which will be out in book stores on October 16, is already out as an Advanced Reader's Copy). I'm mailing the ARC out to friend #1 today (if I get to the post office. Why is that always so hard?), and once she's done, she'll pass it off to the next friend. Two other readers have expressed interest in reading the ARC, too, so here is what I propose: if you really, really, really cannot wait until October 16 (that's like seven months away!) to read about how Anna tries to get back to normal life when she just got out of a mental hospital, put your name on the ARC tree! Send me an email with the subject in CAPS: HAND ARC TREE. In the email, tell me your name and address. And say hi and be all nice and tell me why you must read HAND now. I'll keep a running list of names, so the ARC will be passed around in order. When the person who has it finishes it, they email me, and I'll send them the next address on my list. Then they ship it out. You can only participate if you promise me three things: 1) you will read the book as soon as you get it, to be fair to the other people waiting in line, 2) You WILL pass it on through the mail and not keep it for yourself in a sneaky sort of way, and 3) if you like the book (and I'm sure you will because it is HILARIOUS), you will either buy a copy for yourself, for a friend, or request that your local library buys a copy when it comes out. Sound good? Here's the cover, if you haven't seen it yet:

Now send me some love letters. I'm waiting... in line at the post office, that is! (Don't worry. The book is much funnier than that.)


Kat said...

OMG!!!!!! A sequel to my favorite book!!!!! From my favorite author!!!! Thank you sooo much! I've read Get Well Soon at lest 20 times, and even done a few book reptorts on it. I bet I could probably recite most of that book cover to cover by now :P
Thank you!

Julie H said...

So sweet, Kat! I would love to see a performance of you reciting the book cover to cover :)

Kat said...

lol! Thanks ^^
Don't know if I actually would though. Though it would be kind of wierd to see someone remembering a book front to back and saying it too O.o
Thanks! ^^