Saturday, August 16, 2008

Light Update

Sorry to be gone a while, but I was at Disney World with my family. I will have more posty posts coming up (although I had so many good posts running through my head on my trip which have now escaped), but I just have to say:
-How could they have moved the Harry Potter movie release date? That is SO disrespectful to fans and is all about MONEY and it SUCKS.
-I love that so many people are writing to me about Chandler's student planners closing their business.
-I like watching the Olympics, but I don't like cocky American male athletes.
-I am sad about the death of Bernie Mac.
-I never tire of Disney World.


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the cocky male athletes! At least Dara Torres is showing those swimmers how to be a good sports. Geez. __NH

skyebird said...

An injustice to the social society- HP