Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boring Work Tales

I really want to blog about something because I feel bad that I'm not blogging, but I don't have much interesting to blog about. I am back at work this week, since my library was gutted and redone (beautiful new carpeting, shelves, desks and lights!). The movers put all of the books back, but, alas, these were not library movers, as much as they pretended to be. So now my assistant and I (plus my super-kind friend, Katie) are trying to put the books back in order. It is pretty boring. The place is a mess, but the library office and storage room are not finished, so we can't put anything away. I am trying to be mellow, except for the other day when I cried in front of everyone. Ah well. I saw one of my coworkers today, who looked about to lose it over her new stuff, so I'm not alone. Tomorrow is Friday, and then I have two b-day parties to go to this weekend. Got to think of some gift ideas...

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