Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dreamy Shopper

I have been having weird dreams lately. I think it's because I'm pregnant (six months pregnant, actually. I haven't blogged about it until today, though). I am also having increasingly more trouble sleeping every night. Cramps in my legs. Hips hurting. I guess that's normal. Plus, with school starting and dealing with my newly renovated library, I'm a bit stressed. But not in such a bad way. I also can't stop shopping for maternity clothes (I say "whatever" to the people who are like, "why buy cute clothes because you'll only be wearing them for nine months." First of all, it's more like ten months, and secondly, I don't want to look like a dork. I already feel like a whale, totally out of shape and zitty. But the baby's healthy, so I can't complain. Although I still do.). I just bought a little outfit online before leaving for work. It was on sale! The annoying thing is that most of the cheap brands don't seem to fit me very well. I have ordered about twenty times from the Gap and Old Navy online (free shipping there and back) and have had to return almost everything. Juicy Couture Maternity, however, is working nicely. Oh well. I think it's good for me and the baby's morale. And as long as I don't go overboard (which, as anyone who knows me, knows I am incapable of doing), I might as well enjoy myself. But I should probably stop. Soon.


A fan said...

What wonderfully happy news for you and Matt!! Congrats on the great news!! I'm sure both sets of "soon to be grandparents" are thrilled.

Go ahead and shop for those maternity clothes! For years to come you'll be shopping for the new one that will be joining your family, if new maternity clothes make you feel good, then do it!

Whatever makes you happy when you're pregnant, pamper yourself as much as you want!!

Can't wait to read more blogs about this wonderful news.

Julie H said...

Thanks, a fan! I am battling with myself all the time about indulging and indulging too much. She says after enjoying a taffy apple...

skybird said...

youre pregnant??????????!!!!!!!!
do you know which gender???