Thursday, July 13, 2006

What do I say for my first blog entry? First of all, that picture is of my super-cute birthday cake from last year. Damn, I loved that cake!

For those who don't know me (why are you looking at my blog?), I am the author of a young adult novel called Get Well Soon, to be released Fall 2007 by Feiwel and Friends. I also have a picture book called Toby and the Snowflakes, illustrated by my adorable husband, Matthew Cordell. This blog won't really matter for at least another year (after GWS is released), and then I'll probably have to wait even longer than that for someone to actually read the book, find my blog, etc. But it seemed like a fun thing to do right now, so here is The Official First Entry to My Blog. Thank you for sharing. I hope to hear from you sometime next year. Or after that even. I'll wait.


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