Sunday, July 16, 2006

Get Well Soon Editing

I just finished the first major round of editing of Get Well Soon. Actually, I still have one part left. I edit this way: Liz Szabla, my editor, sent me my manuscript filled with suggestions and grammatical fixes. She also included two pages of things to focus on while editing. I went through the whole manuscript and rewrote a ton of it, either directly onto the manuscript or into a notebook if I had a lot to write. The next step was typing in all of the changes, which is my least favorite part. After that, I printed up the manuscript. The part I just finished was reading the entire mansucipt again, fixing things and circling parts I questioned. I have a lot of grammatical insecurities, and I want to make sure Liz knows that she can't rely on me to punctuate correctly. Finally, I will type in the last of my corrections, and then I will send them off to Liz!

I have obviously read my novel before, but tonight I really cried when it ended. Not because it was so incredibly moving (although I can hope; it's hard to know how it will make others feel), but because it brought back so many strong memories. I don't want to give away the ending of the novel, but it's insane how I remember everything and every feeling I had when I was hospitalized in high school. I really hope this book connects to other teens feeling wrong about life. A little over a year (Fall 2007!) and I'll know.

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