Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Happy Holiday Bookplates!

Thank goodness today will be in the 40s here in Chicagoland. It really freaks me out when it's the wrong weather. Two days ago we were int he upper 60s. Freakish. Last winter sucked with almost no snow. What's the point of being a kid with a pair of snow pants and a sled if it doesn't snow? I'm crossing my fingers it happens sometime this month. Speaking of this month, the holidays are coming fast! Hanukkah starts this weekend, and Christmas is less than three weeks away. Who's giving books for presents? I hope lots of you are. You know a way to make a book gift even more exciting? Have it personally autographed by the author! So here's my deal:
1) Send me (email a copy of a receipt (or forward an electronic receipt) for any of my books that you purchase for a holiday gift (There are four to choose from: GET WELL SOON, INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER, DON'T STOP NOW, and HAVE A NICE DAY. Personally, I think pairing GET WELL SOON with its new sequel, HAVE A NICE DAY would make a great gift. Don't you?)
2) Send me the name of whoever (whomever? Those darn Whos down in Whoville) you'd like me to sign the book plate(s) for (That was a horribly un-gramatical sentence).
3) Send me the address where you'd like me to mail the bookplate(s).

It's that easy! I can only mail bookplates within the US, since I can't guarantee that I can get to a post office during business hours. I just mailed my new manuscript to my editor, and, what do you know, she read it and already has my editorial letter. I have to bust ass on this one and get it back in less than two weeks. I think that may have been the reason I couldn't sleep last night. Happy holidays to me?

Now get shopping!

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