Friday, December 14, 2012

Gift Time

Last week, my family visited the in-laws in South Carolina for early Christmas. Therefore, we celebrated Christmas, are currently celebrating Hanukkah, and when that ends, less than ten days later comes real Christmas. TOO MUCH CRAP. Romy doesn't think so, of course. I actually had to rack my brain for things I wanted this year on my wish lists. It's not that I don't want things, but I can't really remember what it is I want when it comes time to tell someone else.  And it seems lame to be like, "I could use some more of my bath gel." I managed to ask for- and receive- some excellent presents while in South Carolina, though. Here's a sampling of my bounty (and a look inside my dorky, gift-asking brain):

Oh, man, I love this shirt. Many of my gifts were Battlestar Galactica themed. I think I often choose one theme and run with it. I laugh every time I look at the shirt.

The new Ke$ha book! I love Ke$ha. Truly. I also received her new CD. Fabulous to the maxx.

This game is cray-cray. As an RPG player, I am used to very long, complicated game playing. The rules and contents of this box require mass amounts of studying before I will ever be able to play this game. And then I have to find at least two people to play it with me. Volunteers?

Hilariously, I asked for the DVD last year. Now I have both the DVD and blu-ray. That's how much I love this movie.

Okay, this wasn't for me. But I bet I would have loved this as a kid. I was a fan of going to the dentist. Because I was that cool.

I hope everyone is getting what they want for the holidays! Remember, if you want a signed book plate for any of my books, just send me an email with the name and address of where to send it. You can have a personally autographed book to give a friend or loved one! Now go get your teeth cleaned.

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