Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perv

So my new book is veering into total sex territory. I always knew I wanted to write sex scenes (um, that sounded weird. But people like to read sex scenes, so someone has to write them!). In fact, when I was a teenager, well before I had done anything I was actually writing about, I used to create perverted romances for my friends on a typewriter. Mind you, I had a computer (an Apple IIGS), but I liked the clicking of the typewriter (such a young, ironic hipster). My dad once found one of those stories, and I was mortified. It was such a weird situation. I don't remember what I said to him, but, really, I didn't know what I was talking about.

I feel like a weirdo, sitting in my car while my daughter is in preschool, writing steamy scenes. Will the new book attain total pervosity, as it looks like it might? Only time will tell. Once I finish it (and, man, I have a long way to go), I will revise it. And then I'll look at it again and wonder, would I be embarrassed if my family read it? That's something I'd love to talk to other authors about, the ones who write really great, nasty stuff. Has anybody seen anyone speak about this? What a fabulous panel that would be! Someone who knows people, set that up, please.

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