Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As we all know, I am a little crazy when it comes to selecting a personal planner (see my Chandler's blog post, which STILL gets hits and comments). Last year, I bought from the Target's line of greenroom planners (why did I insert a "the" in front of Target?). A nice planner, all environmentally sound, but it had some bulk to it that didn't make it ideal for carrying in a purse. This year (we're talking school year) I purchased the baby version of the greenroom planner. However, I had received a regular year (like, a calendar year as opposed to a school year) pocket planner from my mother-in-law at the holidays that was compact and lovely. I ended up switching to that one and keeping it in my purse. But now, once again, I am torn. Even though I still have months left in my MIL planner, I need a school year ahead of me to plan, you know, important things like circuses and award ceremonies. So, what to do? The mini greenroom one wasn't as satisfying as the MIL one, so I already returned it. I found this one at Target, a faux leather, chintzy model with a string (which I like), similar to the MIL version:

The pages look like they may fall out, and I do not enjoy the design of the pages as much as the MIL model. I found this last night:

I believe this is the same one my MIL bought me, just in a jazzy, purple with a sheen. The problem is, I think it's made of leather. I would be lying to say that I am so perfect and leather-free and eat no animals. I do eat some animals, of the poultry and fish variety, and I wear some leather (in boots, mainly. Actually, pretty exclusively. You'll never find me squeaking around in leather pants or a leather jacket). But it seems really cruel to be like, "I'm so much better than animals that my WEEKLY PLANNER MUST BE MADE FROM THEIR FLESH." Or am I over-thinking this? Because check out the quality differences in the pages from the Target faux one and the fancy leather one:

Should I have gotten a manicure for this blog post? Oh look! The leather one even has that thing where you can tear off the bottom of the pages (a new feature!). Sigh. And there isn't even much of a price difference (you'd think dead cows would cost so much more).

Such a commitment! One year of daily usage! I still don't know what I will do. But until I figure it out, don't make any plans with me for next year.

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