Saturday, July 21, 2012

Give Me a HAND

I broke my HUGE blogging streak (three days, y'all!) because my daughter had things to do first thing in the morning both Thursday and Friday. "First thing" for her is ten a.m. Not that she wakes up that late, but getting her out of the house is a bitch. So there was no blogging time. I won't do a mega blog today, since I don't think people read blogs as much on the weekend, but I thought I would propose a question. HAVE A NICE DAY, the sequel to my novel, GET WELL SOON, is fast approaching! Not that fast, but it will be out October 16. I have yet to make a webpage for it on my website, so I thought I might do a similar thing that I did with GWS and answer some reader questions. Check out the FAQs on the GWS page, and then send me a comment or email ( if you have any FAQs about HAVE A NICE DAY. I realize pretty much none of you have read the book yet, but these can be FAQs about what might be in the book. I'll add them to the page when I create it. I'm thinking I'll either make a trailer or read the first chapter or something else on the page, too. Romy has a regular art class in the next month, so maybe I'll actually find some time to do it. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as MOM this summer. Who knew that two hours, two afternoons a week (when Romy went to preschool last year) was so freeing?

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