Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I love this ad. At first, it looked boring. But then you see the name of the shirt: the 3/4 sleeve WONDER BLOUSE. Wonder and blouse are two words that should never be in a sentence together. Actually, I think we should banish the word blouse altogether. And panties. Anywho, you WONDER why this shirt has such an exciting title, but then you read the rectangle in the bottom right corner and discover the brilliant reasoning behind the title: "You'll WONDER how you lived without one!" They then go on to use the words cuff, smart, crisp, and NARY. How can I get a job writing for these geniuses? I WONDER!


Betsy said...

This is fantastic. There should never not be a sentence that has wonder and blouse in it (how's that for a double negative? I'm not even sure what I said.)

There are a bunch of Grandma's who used to shop at Krasner's writing the copy for these ads. Or young people who used to laugh at ladies who shopped at Krasner's. (I'm sorry, that store may have been a local thing. Just think lots of polyester, pant suits, and sensible underwear.)

Teenage Librarian said...

I'm highly considering creating an outfit comprised of all the clothing ads you've posted on your blog. And then coming to a signing.


I think it would be WONDERfully funny.

Julie H said...

Betsy, I do not know Krasner's, but the name says a lot. Blouse is grossing me out.

TL, I would pay to see that! Or at least give you a free book :)