Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Book Sneaks

Last night Matt and I went out to dinner, and afterward we did what any author does: we went to two bookstores and rearranged the displays so that Matt's new book, Another Brother, was front and center. I encourage all of you to do the same! Really, anytime you love an author, that is so helpful. I moved a copy of Get Well Soon to a table designated "Tough Times." Or was it "Tough Stuff?" Maybe it was "Tough Tushies." (Are the quotes in the right place there? Losing grammar skills at a rapid pace.) I don't remember, but it was all books that had teens dealing with "issues." I thought Get Well Soon fit in there. More so than the "Love Stories" table. Although, I suppose it could have fit in there, too.

And now for the winner of the Another Brother contest: The Erratic Blogger! Please email me at with your address and who gets the autograph. Thanks to all (five) who entered! Should I even hold contests? I so rarely get a large number of entries. Or maybe that's for picture books. Maybe y'all are more of a young adult crowd (which makes sense, seeing as I'm a young adult author. Most of the time, anyway).

I'm off to do something productive. Or, not productive at all. One hour until I pick the kid up from school. How much can one really accomplish in an hour anyway? (Don't answer that.)

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The Erratic Blogger said...

I think it is completely appropriate to change around bookstore displays so that your books are featured. I like to go in and put the books I like front and center (or I hide the ones I'm going to come back and buy but don't want to carry all over the mall with me.)