Thursday, November 10, 2011

Softest Yet!

For those coming to Chicago next week for the NCTE conference, I will be appearing (which makes me sound like a magician) on a panel called "No Vampires, No Witches, No Dystopias: Young Adult Literature Goes Back to Its Roots in the Here and Now." I just realized what a long title that is. Good thing we don't have to print it out as a banner on our dot matrix printer! Think how long that would take! Other awesome authors (which implies that I think I'm awesome. Sometimes I do. Shouldn't we all?) on the panel are Donna Freitas, Tara Kelly, and Andrew Smith. Come see us at the Hilton (um, vague, but if you're going to the conference you'll know where that is) on Sunday, November 20th from 8:30 - 9:45 am. After that, we'll all be signing over at the Macmillan Children's Booth #402 from 10:30 - 11:30. Don't worry- I'll remind you 700 more times.

The last time I was at NCTE, it was held in Philadelphia. I had a blast there and chose to wear ridiculous shoes for the ALAN cocktail party (to which I am not invited this year. LOSER). I just reread the blog post I wrote, and it is HILARIOUS. Well, at least the Boyz II Men reference made me laugh. To the point where Romy was like, "Mom, why are you laughing?" And I was like, "Because I was reading something I wrote, and I think I'm funny." Anywho, in the post I talked about the shoes and how they KILLED my feet.
High heels are fugged up. Which is totally why I am in the market for a new pair to wear to the Macmillan dinner party I'm attending on Saturday night! Totally an asinine (why does this word not have two s's?) decision, seeing as I am certain we will have to walk to the restaurant, and it will be cold, and I will be in pain. But I wear jeans everyday, so this is my chance to feel like a lady. Stay tuned for that debutante debacle.

Speaking of awesome clothes, check out these babies!
So many things to love about these. Like how they make that thin woman look all lumpy! And how they are "Wonder Warm." 100% washable! Because most of my pants are an average of 63% washable. And who doesn't love a pair of slacks? The ad claims they have "the warmth, drape and look of finest woolen flannel with all the modern advantages." I'm going to stop them right there. Flannel pants=pajamas. Modern advantages? Who is the awesome person who writes this stuff? I love them so!

This ad isn't as funny, but I love how these are the softest sweaters YET. Does that mean there are softer ones to come? That the old ones aren't quite as soft? They use a "lofty new acrylic." Sounds like a rash waiting to happen.

Hmmmm. Maybe if this author thing doesn't work out, I can get a job writing for But do I have the talent to keep up with these masters?


Liz Mason said...

Hilarious post. You didn't get invited to Alan's party? Was it Alan Ruck's party? Ha ha ha.

Also, I like that you italisized (sp) "lady." I can totally picture how you would say that.

You may also find it amusing that the word verification that I have to write out in the little box says "chammu."

Tere Kirkland said...

Good thing those shoes were already red so they didn't show any blood...

My most comfortable pair of shoes are suede oxford flats from Urban Outfitters. I just wish they were warmer.

Break a leg at the panel! (In the idiomatic sense, not literally. I thought we decided you were going to wear more sensible shoes? ;D )

Julie H said...

Ah, Alan. Always a name for comedy. And by "chammu" did you mean "Chanu?" As in "Chanuland," Beth's home planet?

Thanks, Tere! I am thinking I may have a pair of flat boots that go perfectly well already. I still want a new pair of shoes, though :)

The Erratic Blogger said...

I love nothing more than a nice sensible pair of slacks. I especially like it when they have a really thick seam down the front. It is such a nice change up from a pleats. And an elastic waist is key. This is like the mullet of the pants world. It says "I'm serious enough about the day to wear something called slacks, but not so serious that I'm willing to give up flannel and elastic."

Julie H said...

EB, if only blogger had a "like" button!