Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My Glamorous New Digs

Since some of you (okay, I think one of you) requested more vlogs, here's a vlog about my awesomely impressive new writing space:


Teenage Librarian said...

YAY! More Vlogs... although I'm at work at my high school library with youtube blocked. So I can't watch it. But I'm very excited. :)

Teenage Librarian said...

I lied. I totally hacked the system and watched it. Haha! I think the reason I like your vlogs so much is that you seem like a real person? I think sometimes it's very easy to think of writers/authors as an abstract concept and yet through your books/blogs/vlogs I don't feel that way.

P.S. If only I was super skinny I'd go for the dice dress.

Julie H said...

You hacked just for me? Awesome! Sometimes, I think I am too real a person. What can I do to change that? Perhaps I shall start wearing ballgowns. I wish you could wear the dice dress, too! It needs a good home.