Monday, October 31, 2011

Talk of the County

I subscribe to a semi-trashy local newspaper. It was a tough decision because I don't like to waste money (at least on some things), and the political lean of the paper made me uncertain. Not that I know its political lean, but they have a page every day called "Talk of the County" where people literally just call in and leave a rambling voice message about what they are thinking. Mostly, it's ignorant morons spewing hatred against the government and red light cameras. At one point, I was so fed up with the garbage that I called and cancelled my subscription. I also called the Talk of the County line and told them to stop publishing such crap. However, I was coerced into getting the paper again because a) I like to know about local happenings, b) I like the police blotter, c) they send out coupons on Saturdays, and d) I like this puzzle they have called "Wonderword." Plus, I missed all of the ads for The Shanty. I try to avoid reading Talk of the County when I can, although it silently calls to me. I am grateful for that, otherwise I would have missed this:
Hairy Men [They title each comment. All comments are anonymous.]
To the person who commented about all the football players having hair like women. What do you care what their hair looks like? If you don't like long hair, just be sure to keep yours cut. Captain America and Spiderman didn't have long hair, but He-Man did.

Holy buns, that's hilarious. I have laughed every single time I've read it. That's the entire comment. It ends on a He-Man note! Classic. It makes me wonder if the people who work at the paper are trying to find the most ridiculous, often ignorant, comments just to amuse people like me. They have the power.


Teenage Librarian said...

By the power of Greyskull....

I love crazy newspaper comments. :)

The Erratic Blogger said...

I love to read the Gotta Vent section of my local pennysaver. The things people take time to complain about never cease to amaze me. I am always cheered up after reading them. I wish more people would incorporate He-Man into their rants, though. Maybe I'll call up and complain that people aren't relating their complaints to cartoons and comics.

- betsy