Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mighty Casey Out Today!

MIGHTY CASEY, the new picture book written by James Preller and illustrated by my amazingly talented husband, Matthew Cordell, is out today! It is a hilarious version of Casey at the Bat, all with kids and full of silly situations-- like one of them peeing on a fence! Pee! OK. So you should all buy a copy. Pick one up through Amazon or your local independent bookseller!

I have started trying to write my next novel. Oy. I am so conflicted. Do I want to write this serious-ish novel I have started, or do I want to continue with the funny and less intense way I write? I am leaning toward the latter. It's kind of not fun to write about serious stuff. But does that not make me a "serious" writer? To not write "seriously?" I know I'm no Markus Zusak or John Marsden (because I am not an Australian man, but I am also not of their caliber of writer), but does that matter? So then I have to ask myself, why do I write? Is it to create great literature? Is it because I just enjoy writing? Is it because I want to make people laugh? And so far, I don't have the final answer. I'll have to think about it. If you're a writer and you're reading this, why do you write?


Nina said...

I say write what's fun. You can't make yourself a serious writer if you're not, just as serious writers can't be humorous if they're not. You are who you are and that's good enough! (Does this sound like Mr. Rogers?)

JoyceBoyce said...

Sweet David got his surprise copy of Casey today.

jimmyprell said...

My two cents: I vote SERIOUS! Because here's the thing, Julie -- you are funny. I don't think you CAN'T be funny, so even without trying the humor will shine through. But on the other side of laughter, there is always pain, and hurt. I'd love to see you did a little deeper.

At the same time, it took me ten years before I was willing to deal with my son's cancer experience. I did not want to go there, and actually ended up dealing with it almost by accident. So I understand the reluctance.

Also, and lastly -- and I'm by no means an expert -- but I don't think writers should worry about what KIND of writer they are. It's sort of nice when books are different, express different aspects of your self, though from a marketing standpoint that might not be the best "product line." I wouldn't worry about branding or identity (not that you are), and instead just keep opening new doors and climbing through windows.

My point: I'll eagerly read WHATEVER you write!

Julie H said...

Well, two conflicting bits of advice. I think I'm going funny. I like to laugh at myself while I write. Someday I'll tackle the tough stuff. Some might say that funny is tough, though. So really, it's all good.