Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love Ya, Linda!

For all of those from Chicago, do you know Linda Kollmeyer? The kooky, wacky, absolutely nutty Lottery woman on WGN 9:00 news? I freakin' love her! She is always SO happy and strange. She says lovely, positive things, and always gives a nice "woo!" when she's excited. I used to think she was being sarcastic, but the more I watched her, the more I believed in her. Then the Chicago Tribune put her ON THE COVER. A huge article all about Linda! On the cover of the Chicago Tribune! That's craziness! So, for those of you who don't know Linda, or for those who do and can't get enough, here is a taste of her uniqueness.


joyce said...

i think you're in love! :D positivity is needed. it's great.

nissa said...

there is no better lotto lady than linda. lotto is truly dull if she is not on. she is a bit odd though and i am happy the article commented on that in a round-about way. my dad has a crush on her

Skyebird said...

that is SO CREEPY