Thursday, November 20, 2008


Holy pooballs I'm tired. So tired, I don't know what to say really. Romy is home (has been for almost a week) and it's tough. It's tough timing everything-- waking, feeding, pumping, sleeping, eating. Today we took her to the doctor for what I thought was just a weight check (she is doing awesome, btw, in every respect) and we ended up being there for almost two hours, having to have her stomach x-rayed *just in case* (nothing there but gas!). I was not happy. Must make sure to eat more. Time to go pump. TMZ is on. I don't think there's a baby out there who watches as much TMZ as Romy.


Skybird said...

you should have named her Theresa Madeline Zaroff so her initials would have been tmz!!!!
just kidding!!

Julie H said...

Now THAT'S random.

How's the RC without me? Has the ceiling fallen in lately?

skybird said...

Its doing well. the ceiling has'nt fallen in so far!!! we're moving up in the world! everyone misses you. Ms. n is doing a fantastic job though!!ooooooh- we got vending machines! they dont work but they have stuff like pita chips and soy milk in them!! but, you know its pretty boring. and cold. although when the construction guys use flame torches or whateveer they are called it looks pretty cool!
Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

love seeing one of my favorite onsies on another baby! so cute!