Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Rut

I don't know why I can't just be happy to be on vacation, but I always get in a weird state at this time of summer. I'm not happy to be doing nothing, and I'm stressed about going back to work. I keep having work anxiety dreams, which makes sleeping unpleasant, as well. I should remember that this really does happen every summer, but that doesn't seem to make things much better. And I am beating myself up, arguing in my brain about going to the gym. What else is new. I could leave in twenty minutes to go to water walking class. It has been pretty fun, but the last time it was too crowded and the people were talking the whole time. But if I don't go, I may end up stuck in the house all day. Why am I completely incapable of relaxing? How does that happen?

I am starting to obsessively use the internet with nothing to search for. Today I did a Julie Halpern "Get Well Soon" search, which I haven't done in a long time. I found this:
which is a picture from the American Library Association conference in July at the Best Books for Young Adults discussion. That means that teens were discussing my book because it was nominated, but I won't know if it makes the list until the Midwinter conference in January. I love the picture, but I wish it was a video! I want to know what she's saying. Maybe one of you can write me a fake dialog for it?


Hayley said...

I have nervous anxeity. Just tell yourself everything is going to be ok over and over and relax. It works for me.

I am glad your book is getting more popular. I am going to recomend it to some of my friends who read.

Julie H said...

Hey Hayley- I hope your reader friends will read it. And I hope your non-reader friends will, too :)

skyebird said...

have you ever read the uglies by scott westerfield? i have to read for the summer andi am dreading it. it was my little rebel act not to read it of the summer. they cant make me read at the beginning!!! mwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!