Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cue Rocky Theme (not Eye of the Tiger)

I finished my revision! I finished my revision! I told my editor I would be done by July 15th, and I did it! I actually worked on over one hundred pages yesterday (typing the changes into my computer, not actually revising), which was more than half way, so it would make things easier today. And it did! The second half had way fewer changes to make, so it went twice as fast! Now I have to wait to hear back from my editor. I think I should hear within the next month. I wonder what she'll say. I hope she likes it and thinks it's way better than the last version. I hope my readers like it, too!

Now what to do? I have some thank you notes and letters to write, and I'm trying to catch up on some long, lost email friends. I am also going to meet up with some old friends, and hopefully put my photos from last summer's vacations into photo albums. But I really do have to find something more to focus on, or I will go insane (as I do every summer). For today, though, I am going to cut myself some slack and watch crappy TV (i.e. Full House). Let the wild rumpus begin!


Hayley said...

That's cool. Like you, I am a native Chicagoian. I got your book, Get Well Soon, at my local library and LOVED it! I actually finished it today. And I am looking forward to reading your next novel.

Julie H said...

Hey, Hayley, thanks for writing! I'm glad you like my book and tqat you got it from your local library!

Hayley said...

You're welcome. I think I might just read it again!

Julie H said...

Wow! Multiple reads!

Julie Roth said...

Hi Julie - I haven't checked your blog in awhile, and I, too, need to check in with long lost email contacts.
I just wanted to say I am so happy you are in the midst of book number two!!
And it sounds like number has done very well!

Those Houghton days probably seem a long way off now!

Hoping you are having a great summer.
All good wishes,
Julie -Minneapolis

Julie H said...

Great to hear from you, Julie! Every so often I do an Amazon check of your name to see what you're up to. Thanks for checking in!