Monday, April 30, 2007


Ha! I’ve been waiting for a funny Spam email for a while, and here it is
Sender: Lenard chaos
Subject: my bacon
Ha! Again!

So I consumed myself with evil this weekend. One of my closest friends and I were chatting about a no-longer friend. Over the phone, we googled and searched and found some pics and info. And all I could think was bad thoughts! I won’t write any of them here, but I was being such a bitch. I was harping on the hair and the face and the general nastiness of the person (which was all true), but why? I woke up in the middle of the night feeling terrible. I really let it all get the best of me. What do I care what this person is doing or looks like now? All I should care about is the joy (or lack there of) in my life, right? So what is it that makes us revel in what we deem as another person’s failure? I hate to think I’m that kind of person. But I guess there’s no denying that there’s a small part of me that is a mean ball of poo. But it’s a small part of me, and I shall now lock it away until I really need it. Poof! There. It’s gone. Now who wants ice cream?


adverb1000 said...

You know what will make you feel better? Telling me who it is in case it's someone I know and can help disparage. =)

Julie H said...

Girl! We'll have to get together and chat about it over lunch :)

Sonya said...

Don't worry. We all do it.