Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Artsy Fartsy

It’s interesting being married to an artist and going to art shows. Matt and I have a history of getting in fights at museums. It was always this weird thing where he’d get all silent and brooding and I would wonder what he was thinking and he’d never know what he was thinking and I was bored and when were we going to eat. It’s gotten better over the years, partly because Matt is not immersed in the fine art world (illustration is a slightly different art world), but mostly because we’re married and it’s just a lot easier. This weekend we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the Francis Bacon show. We did have an argument, but that had nothing to do with the show (I was mad because he couldn’t take a good picture of me for promotional purposes, and he was mad because I was being a bitch). I never know what I’m supposed to be doing at an art show. I see the paintings, but it’s rarely a profound experience for me. My favorite art experiences were in Italy, when I could see all of the myths represented in artwork and I knew the stories. I like stories. What I tend to notice most in galleries and museums are the frames. Who chose them? Why? How fancy! At the Francis Bacon show, I noticed that all of the frames were gold. Yet many of the paintings were owned by different people. Why did they all have gold frames? Did Bacon himself choose them? Did he force everyone who bought his paintings to frame them in gold? Did the museum change all of the frames for the show? Will I ever know the answer? I suppose I could ask someone at the museum. But then what would I think about the next time I visit a gallery?


Jen said...

I dated this guy once that would get mad at me if I didn't tell him how a piece of art made me "feel" whenever we were in a museum. He was the same way about movies. He wanted everything to be a big meaningful discussion even if it were nothing. That is why he is an EX-boyfriend.

A fan said...

I loved this post. Refreshingly open and honest which can be quite unusual on the web.

I found your book Toby and The Snowflake by accident and purchased a copy as a gift. Since that time (which was when it was first released) I purchased several, as gifts, it has always been a hit. Wanted you to know.

any plans for any future childrens books?

Julie H said...

You know, I am never sure how to reply when people ask me questions in the comments section. Do I just reply with a post? If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know.

Thanks to Jen and a fan for posting! I was talking to my therapist, and she said that a lot of couples fight at museums. But why?

To a fan: Thank you so much for buying and liking Toby! I have written a couple more picture books, but they haven't been picked up by anyone. I'm sort of focusing on the young adult novel thing these days, but I'd love to be able to work with Matt again. I just have to write a good picture book.

Take care!