Thursday, November 01, 2012

Time for a winner!

I'm so happy to have more entries into my Have a Nice Day Contest. Nothing lamer than a contest no one enters (and if you'd still like to take a picture of HAND in the wild and send it to me, I would totally dig that!). The winner is... Mindi! I'll send you an email to get your address. And for all of you who didn't win? Some hideous Sunday clothing ads as a consolation prize:

Would you look at the size of the crotch on these things? Why stop at five pockets? There's room for at least fifteen. Thank goodness the waist is 360 degrees stretchy.

Lush, plush AND velvety soft? Sign me up for some SLACKS.
I have no idea why this ad was funny. Maybe I cut it out because I secretly wanted to buy the coat. It is a Wonder Coat, after all.

This woman's nails combined with that glove = terrifying.

First off: is the brand called Weatherman, or are these "weatherman-style shirts?" Of course, I would prefer the latter. My favorite points: "Soft and fleecy inside" and "chest pocket with eyeglasses loop."   

I had this very funny duo of ads, where the first ad was a woman in an outfit and the second ad was the same woman in just a bra. I don't know where those pictures went. Maybe the cat took them.

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Bee said...

I saw one of these magnificent ads in the paper Sunday and thought of you. I don't think that's an insult. It was for slippers that had a huge velcro top.